The Will to Survive

11 Part Series

Mira O’Connell’s story about Moving from Victim to Survivor
A Podcast that details how recovery from a Traumatic attack lead to Mira O’Connell becoming stronger than she ever knew possible and how she used her experience to make a difference in the lives of others.

How Did that Happen?!

Episode 5

Learn how physiological responses helped Mira O’Connell protect herself during the fight of her life.


The Police Investigation

Episode 4

You have heard what happened during the attack from Mira’s perspective, now hear what the police did during their investigation.

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Episode 3

From redecorating to Native American ceremonies, hear how Mira took steps in her life and surroundings to take back her life.

Reclaiming My Life

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Episode 2

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The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Hear the intimate details of how Mira began to reclaim her life after her near death experience.

Episode 1

The Day that My Life Would Forever Change

Listen to the harrowing story of the fateful night Mira O’Connell’s life changed.

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The complete series will detail every aspect of how this traumatic event altered Mira’s life course and reshaped her reality.

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